Current Events
01/21/2016 09:19 AM by Hays Watson

Due to unforseen administrative challenges, the Georgia Debate Institutes will take a one-year break and will begin anew in 2017.

In the meantime, we are soliciting feedback from coaches and students alike in order to ensure an ever-improving low-cost, high-quality debate camp for students from the state of Georgia and across the Southeast.

If you have any questions about the 2017 GDI, please email

Thank you for your interest - we will see you in 2017! 

05/07/2015 2:59 PM by Hays Watson

Stefan Bauschard, debate coach at Harvard and Lakeland School District, and writer of the 2015-16 topic paper, has published a lecture about this year's policy debate topic.  

His lecture can be found here:

We look forward to learning more about and researching the surveillance topic this summer at the GDI! Enjoy! 

05/01/2015 07:02 AM by Hays Watson

The early application discount for the 2015 Georgia Debate Institutes has been extended until May 15.

Pay your deposit ($250 for public forum, $500 for policy) by May 15 and enjoy a $100 discount of the tuition price of the camp! 

We hope to see many of you in beautiful Athens, Georgia this summer.  Email if you have any questions about the camp.  

02/20/2015 07:40 AM by Hays Watson

The new flier for the 2015 GDI, including dates, pricing, and faculty, is now available! 

12/10/2014 08:22 AM by Hays Watson

Information about the 2015 Georgia Debate Institutes has now been posted!  We will be offering a 2 week policy camp, a 3 week policy camp, and a one week public forum camp.   Dates of the camp run from June 14 until July 4. 

06/14/2014 3:27 PM by Hays Watson

The official start to the 2014 Georgia Debate Institutes begins tomorrow afternoon as kids from around Georgia and around the country - from New Mexico to Maryland, from Illinois to Florida - come to Athens to register for the 2 week policy camp.

06/14/2014 10:57 AM by Hays Watson

The pre-camp evidence packet for the two-week policy debate labs at the GDI are now available.  

Go to, find the "evidence/lectures" link on the left side of the screen, and click.